An Argument for Professional Law Firm Website

The Internet is rapidly becoming the top resource for prospects seeking the proper firm to handle their cases. In the United States, about 80% of the population has internet access, and while creating a legal website that outlines your firms attributes and publishing your contact information in online directories should be maintained, this is not enough to substantiate an increase in business. Skeptical? Familiarize yourself with these facts on the importance of having a firm website as well as an online presence in the lawyer community and how a legal website can be an invaluable asset to your startup law firm.

The Absolute Necessity

If prospects have no idea of the kinda of legal services your firm offers, potential clients will take their case elsewhere. In a 2008 study by Allurent, it was depicted that businesses lacking an online presence and information can lose up to 67% of their potential client base. So, if you lack a professional and functional website, the revenue you’re making now is only a small fraction of the amount you should be making. When times change and your clients begin working different ways, you change to adjust for them. The way your clients are searching for law firms now is through the internet, and it’s essential that you have a noteworthy presence there.

Individuals seek service on the internet

Take advantage of creating an internet presence and employ internet marketing tactics to help cultivate business online. A 2011 Safe Home Products survey showed that 87% of Americans prefer to shop for products and services online.

This means that there are hundreds, even thousands of individuals out there searching for your exact services. Unlike other types of marketing that intrude on individuals lives and create a feeling of animosity with viewers, your website is an unobtrusive document that points interested–and only interested– clients to your website and allows them to discover information about you at their own pace. People tend to trust information they find themselves more, so having a website is as easy as setting it up and waiting for the calls to come in.