The Internet Provides Accessible Information

The majority of individuals that are seeking legal advice are left feeling unguided. In a 2007 Awo Inc. survey it was found that only 17% of Americans believe that the information they find on attorneys is easily accessible. This is where your legal website will serve your potential clients and show that your law firm has the empathy and expertise need to handle their cases.

Growth in Online Advertisement

With out online legal advertising, you will be doing a great service for your competition while you are struggling to maintain a new client base as well as maintain billable hours. It was reported that between 2007 and 2008, there was a 10.6% increase in the total spent on internet advertising. $23.4 billion per year.

Cost-effective Advantage of Online Advertising

Potential clients are more likely to be satisfied by accessible information available to them online rather than a basic one time newspaper ad. For startups, finding financing and balancing a marketing budget comes with the territory in starting a new firm. Unlike radio or television ads, a professionally-designed legal website is a one-time expense and it also takes less to maintain your marketing tools that also promote your online presents. If you choose to promote your business online with marketing tools such as news sites and blogs, you will increase business as potential clients can access information about your firm.

SEO – Priority # 1

Most potential clients looking for a law firm for guidance will find them through the use of search engines. There are three major search engines where approximately 80-90% of website traffic is generated from: Google, Yahoo and Bing. Generally, individuals seeking an attorney to handle their case will only choose the lawyer they need based on the first few pages of these search engine results. Your startup’s priority should be to have your website ranked as high on the search results as possible on all search engines. This can be accomplished search engine optimization (SEO).

The Client Contact Websites Provide

While it is still questionable whether e-mail or phone calls are most effective, there are many ways to capture client information. From building a contact form with your law firms contact information to having a client information field for your potential clients, consider the fact that your legal website gives potential clients the choice of convenience, with the opportunity to choose which method of contact best serves their needs.

The relevance of Social Networking

A 2008 survey by Networks for Counsel announced that nearly 50% of attorneys have created Social Networking profiles. In another study by Pew Internet & American Life Project also in 2008 reported that 35% of adults now have a profile established on at least one social networking site which up 8% since 2005 and it’s projected to only increase. If you are not already singed up for a Social Networking site, now is the time to join and increase your legal online presence.

The Next Big Thing: Lawyer Blogs

Blogs coined by lawyers themselves, are becoming the latest marketing tools used by attorneys to increase their presence and the credibility they need to generate traffic and boost revenue for their firms. With a smaller percentage of lawyers having blogs, the amount is due to increase as more firms begin familiarize themselves with blogs. Having a blawg will show your clients that your startup firm is reaching out and taking the lead with legal marketing technology.